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Will Yuvraj Play In The IPL 2020 Season?

Indian Premier League fans will no doubt have countless questions about the future of one of their favourite IPL cricket stars, Yuvraj Singh, after his retirement from the Indian major cricket league and from the sport as a whole on June 10th 2019, although leaving himself open to overseas franchise-based leagues. With the Indian Premier League back up and running after the outbreak of COVID-19 that left the sporting world twiddling their thumbs, cricket fans are understandably curious as to whether Yuvraj Singh, one of India’s finest allrounders, will be back in front of the wickets this time around.

With 20 years’ play across international cricket, it’s fair to say that Yuvraj Singh offers a whole breadth of experience that would prove useful in a fast-paced league such as the IPL. Famous for batting 6 sixes in a single over against England’s cricket national team bowler Stuart Broad in the 2007 T20 World Cup, the Indian Premier League could surely benefit from a cricketer of such high calibre.

Why Did Yuvraj Singh Retire?

After battling a rare form of lung cancer in 2011 and beyond, Yuvraj’s involvement within the most popular sport in India has been on the lesser end of the spectrum. Naturally, treatment for his seminoma cancer involved time away from cricket – his positive attitude towards tackling the cancer and undergoing intensive treatment from the offset ensured that his return to T20 cricket was speedy, returning to play in a T20 game against New Zealand in 2012.

Later returning to the sport after his illness, Yuvraj Singh played for a number of teams within the IPL, playing in a number of ODIs and T20 matches to varying success. After being left out of the touring squad for India’s tour of Sri Lanka in August 2017, Singh’s involvement in international cricket and then test cricket itself became something less certain. Announcing his retirement from the sport in 2019 wasn’t necessarily a shock due to his age and his involvement in recent matches, but was something that coaches and fellow players alike didn’t anticipate happening so soon.

What’s Next For Yuvraj Singh?

News has broken over the last few weeks that Singh is actually looking at coming out of his retirement – a very short one, at that – to play for Punjab again in the current cricket season of the IPL. It’s fair to say that fans were shocked when Yuvraj Singh retired in the first place, and with him choosing to play abroad, his imminent return to the IPL is welcomed by cricket fans all over the world. Not only will he add value on the field, but his intensive training with younger professionals also adds value off the field too.

Yuvraj Singh Return To The Indian Premier League

Whilst Yuvraj Singh might not still be at peak performance physically, mentally he is back and ready to get stuck back into the game he clearly loves so much. Expectations are high, emotions are running awry and Yuvraj Singh has much to offer a cricketing league still recovering from the aftermath of months of uncertainty. Will Singh play in the 2020 UPL season? Here’s hoping!

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